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AHAVA Smoothing Hand Cream Kale & Turmeric 100ml

Produktnummer: 81616065

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"Superfood" is a term which indicate that a food ingredient has high nutritional value. Superfoods don’t necessarily come from exotic places; they are more commonplace and can be found everywhere near us. They are nutritionally dense fruits and vegetables, healthy oils, and [healthy] spices that help build firm skin, defend against environmental stressors, and promote optimal skin metabolism. They supply skin with a broad mix of antioxidants that protect against inflammatory reactions that destroy skin’s proteins (like collagen) and lead to premature aging signs, and they help give skin that glow we all seek.Superfood and nutrient based products are an intense growing global trend.WHY? One word: WELLNESS. As we know, the wellness movement is huge, boosted by consumers embracing holistic lifestyle and choosing more natural and healthier skin ingredients. Also, consumers approach to skincare is shifting towards ‘preventative skincare’ and as part of this, Superfood Ingredients are known for their powerful age prevention capabilities.


SUPERFOOD Kale & Turmeric Smoothing Hand Cream 100ml

  •  Nourishing and hydrating 
  •  Softens  hands
  •  Safeguards hands - antioxidant skin protection (against external stressors)
  •  Light texture, easily absorbs

Usage: apply on clean hands, use as many times as needed